Sunday, July 8, 2012

Le long gif post ahead, brace yersulf

Hello, you are about to enter my "world" which just means ordinary scenarios that's in my head. Be amazed. Kidding, i just insert gifs to make all this seems amazing and shit. Right let's get on.....

So Understanding Test number dos is freaking jogging to me right now or i stand corrected, SPRINTING as the weekend draws to an end. Work that I've done? Nil. Why? Not Applicable. Too busy watching Running Man.


Anywhoozles, Im all like:
All day in bed and like (eff this shit nigga) Im tots gon screw UT2 and everyone knows it man.


Yeah, so UT2 I hope you have an asthma attack and may you be disqualified and never come jogging/sprinting with me ever again ok?
K thx love you bye ttyl


xoxoxo, Ally the procrastinator

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