Sunday, July 22, 2012

student council? really?

Hi, what is up? rhetorical question, no answer is needed.

ha ha ha jk. See the header? yep not your eyes playin' tricks on you. Got shortlisted.

uuuuu eeeee uuuuu ah ah jing jang wala wala bing bang

HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA joke of the century? Maybe not. The only thing that I can assure you is that I'll be going to them interview. Oh god please be on my team and help me out. I am really not good with interviews and ridonk things like that.

How on earth would I know the answer to these questions? Indeed. should i smoke bombs and makes absolute no sense or should i do abit of plucking from my Prior knowledge?


Meanwhile in my grades agenda I got CCBA. = Can't Be Arsed


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